SIMNC Products Overview

Products Core API

The SIMNC Core API utilizes a fast and accurate 3D polyhedral mathematical model to perform dynamic simulation of material removal and collision detection. The Core API is intended to be used whenever material removal has to be calculated.

    Core API

  • Executes Tool Path Motions
    Perform Material Removal
    Calculates Collision Detection



    1. Tool Path Motions
    SIMNC executes linear, circular and rotational tool path motions for turning and 3 through 5-axis milling. Any of these motion types may also be combined together. These motions support a wide variety of machining possibilities including contouring, drilling, milling, turning, and threadcutting..

    2. Material Removal
    SIMNC Core uses a cutting tool and a workpiece to calculate the material removal and remaining stock that are the result of milling and / or turning operations. The material removed is dependant upon the cutting conditions, whether or not the cutter and/or the work piece are spinning, the shape of the cutter, and the type of motions.

    3. Collision Detection
    For all types of solid geometries (cutting tool, work piece, fixtures, etc) and any type of motion, collision detection is supported by SIMNC Core. A collision takes place when two objects touch and/or intersect each other. SIMNC includes functions for error analysis to provide additional information such as the crash point, affected components and crash time.