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    With more than 10 years of experience building simulation products, DP Technology has consistently pushed the limits of the available technologies. ESPRIT was among the first CAM systems to offer fully-integrated material removal, tool path verification and machine simulation, and DP technology vigilantly pursues its ongoing mission of being the CAM on the cutting edge. As we recently found that we’ve reached the limits of the current technology, we have opted to change in order to continue developing our competitive edge.

    DP Technology USA HeadquartersIn light of this, we searched the world over for the best simulation technology, the strongest development team and the most powerful product. What we found was BinarySpaces in Teltow, Germany, a team with a commitment to and vision of the future of virtual machining. Its product, SIMNC, utilizes a modern object-oriented software architecture that provides us with a platform for rapidly moving forward in the area of simulation and toward virtual machining — and allows us to quickly offer solutions that go beyond the run-of-the-mill products that are available today.